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To develop P.S. The Children into a renowned organization that can provide a complete child protection ecosystem...

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To develop awareness of CSA among children, adults, authorities and the public and To provide education and training to as many children and adults to prevent CSA

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Core value

It is the only social organization in Malaysia that focuses solely on the prevention, intervention and treatment of Child Sexual Abuse.

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Protect and Save The Children

Protect and Save The Children envisions a world that upholds the rights and dignity of every child - where every child is protected from sexual abuse and exploitation.

A world that neither accepts nor tolerates sexual violence, and where a child can SPEAK UP, be heard and be helped. A culture that excuses nobody from sexual crime and violence, where communities not only have the courage to speak up, but are also committed to reach out.

Protect & Save The Children is registered under The Registry of Societies Malaysia (ROS) as PERTUBUHAN PELINDUNG DAN PENYELAMAT KANAK-KANAK SELANGOR DAN KUALA LUMPUR (PROTECT AND SAVE THE CHILDREN ASSOCIATION OF SELANGOR AND KUALA LUMPUR) (P.S. THE CHILDREN) since January 2002 with tax-exemption status.


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(603) 79574344/79564355 MON-FRI 8:30am - 5:30pm


016 721 3065 7 Days a week/24 Hours


20-Jul-2018 - MEDIA RELEASE

P.S. the Children is very disturbed by the news in the media revolving around a 41-year old adult marrying an 11-year old girl. We find this situation unacceptable and implore the government to urgently step in and take concrete actions towards raising the age of marriage to 18 years, and do a thorough review of the child protection system in Malaysia. Child marriage is not in the best interest of a child whose focus shifts from education to domestic duties and parenthood. The impact of child marriage on a child is significant. Child brides often become victims of domestic violence and sexually transmitted diseases, and have a tendency to not pursue higher education, which in turn limits their future prospects. Many do not enjoy optimal mental or physical health, are frequently unable to connect with those their own age, and become financially dependent on the husband, which restricts their independence whether or not they stay in the marriage. P.S. the Children is a part of a coalition of NGOs willing to work with the government to improve child rights and protection in Malaysia. We hope to do more for all children, who are, after all, our future.

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