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MY PERSONAL SAFETY WORKBOOK - For Primary Age Children (6 - 9 years)
Teach Personal Safety to your child with this workbook consisting of stories and simple instructions. The workbook aims to teach children about their rights, personal safety rules, understanding their feelings, learning how to tell adults of situations which they find unsafe or uncomfortable, etc. Instructions for parents are available in the book. RM15.00 per book (A-4 size, 42 pages) Bahasa Malaysia version of this workbook is also available at the same price.

Teaches children the safety rules of "Say, No, Run & Tell". RM15.00 per book (A4 size, 19 full colour pages) A simple illustrated story on "Safe and Unsafe Secrets". RM15.00 per book (A4 size, 19 full colour pages) Children discover how Little Henny learns that there are some secrets that should not be kept. RM15.00 per book (31 pages full colour pages) Teaches children on "Safe and Unsafe Touches" and learning how to say "No" to unwanted touches. RM8.00 per book (A4 size, 23 full colour pages)


Specially created for preschool teachers to facilitate the Personal Safety Programme. The syllabus is in 15 modules (or lesson plans) of 30 minutes per lesson. Consists of various teaching aids:
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Curriculum Syllabus
  • Storybooks
  • Songs CD
  • Posters
  • Illustrations, etc.
RM180.00 per kit

(The kit is packaged in a handy plastic carrying case for easy storage)

P.S The Children can be contacted to provide personalised "Training of Trainer", (TOT) workshops to facilitate preschool teachers on how to run a Personal Safety Programme using this kit.

Support will also be given after the TOT in the form of live demonstrations.

Facilitation fees for the TOT workshops are charged separately. Kindly contact our office for rates and schedule.

To order, please call (603) 7784 4344 / 55 or email to protect@psthechildren.org.my

Postal charges may apply.