We Envision a world that upholds the rights and dignity of every child where every child is protected from sexual abuse and exploitation.
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Throughout the years, we have stayed true to our dedication towards creating an environment where the rights and dignity of every child is upheld and protected.

Our accomplishments include :

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  • Developed Personal Safety preschool curriculum.
  • Initiated Child Support Worker programme.
  • P.S. The Children received its first client after appearing on the show "Selamat Pagi Malaysia"
  • Started preschool, primary and secondary preventive education programmes.
  • Initiated a coalition against child sexual abuse by inviting interested individuals and organisations.
  • Initiated a new Court Awareness Programme that provides emotional support to children and families going to court.
  • Trained Ministry of Education's Special Education Division officers on the issue of child sexual abuse and personal safety.
  • Participated in the drafting of the National Plan of Action for Children 2001-2020.
  • First kindergarten incorporated P.S. The Children's preschool programme into their curriculum.
  • Official partnership between 21 organisations to form the Malaysian Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (MCPCSA).
  • MCPCSA launched the first Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week in Malaysia.
  • Produced the "Reporting Procedures Handbook for Child Sexual Abuse" with the MCPCSA.
  • Drafted an information kit on child sexual abuse. The kit was used to train MCPCSA partners and with the Coalition's network reach, the kit was piloted in a secondary school and also amongst a group of deaf youth and their parents.
  • P.S. The Children is recognised as a resource centre for child sexual abuse, receiving internships from universities and giving interviews for students' research programmes.
  • Involved in the United Nation's General Assembly Special Session on Children (UNGASS), leading to a representative chaperoned by P.S. The Children being selected for the Regional Children & Young People Forum in Jomtien, Thailand.
  • Contributed input at UNGASS towards the report "Shaping the Future with Children", which was then submitted to the 5th Ministerial Consultation in Beijing.
  • Selected representatives from the Regional Children & Young People Forum involved in the Beijing Ministerial Consultation achieved the contribution of one paragraph into the Beijing Declaration.
  • P.S. The Children's first personal safety kit for preschools ready for production.
  • A therapy room with recording and observation facilities built at P.S. The Children's premise, allowing therapy sessions to commence in a conductive environment in the best interest of the child, as well as allow better supervision and observation by the treatment team.
  • Invited into the technical committee for the sexuality curriculum under the Ministry of National Unity & Social Development.
  • A religious curriculum on personal safety drafted and piloted in primary schools.
  • A nationwide survey conducted with 20,000 school going children between the ages of 13-17 to investigate child sexual abuse amongst adolescents. The results of the study provided a benchmark to current practices while setting a baseline for development to propose solutions to strengthen the national policy.
  • "Preschool Personal Safety" kit officially launched.
  • Personal safety sessions for primary and secondary schools designed.
  • Court Awareness Programme workbook finalised and sent for approval by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. The workbook was used for the first time in a child sexual abuse trial in Sabah.
  • Training material developed and taught to trainers on child development and personality.
  • 3 Personal Safety curriculum developed for the age brackets of 7-9, 10-12 and 13-18.
  • "Stranger Danger" curriculum developed.
  • Personal Safety training in preschool recorded to produce "Preschool Training Video".
  • First outreach to East Malaysia with prevention programmes and awareness talks conducted to 10 primary and 10 secondary schools in Sarawak.
  • Tailored and conducted group therapeutic programmes and workshops for children and teenage tsunami survivors in Kuala Muda in Kedah.
  • Invited into the consultative forum and involved in the revision of draft guidelines for the National Sexuality Education Curriculum.
  • Key contributor in developing the Training Module for "LOVE LIFE, STAY HEALTHY" on Sexual & Reproductive Health of Children & Adolescents with Disabilities.
  • Continued capacity building in Sarawak with more workshops on awareness and train-the-trainer on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Personal Safety, respectively.
  • Recognition for Majudiri Y - Deaf Teens Club (a member of MCPCSA) with the Malaysian Team Humanitarian Award in December 2006 by New Straits Times Press (NSTP) - PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Malaysian Humanitarian Awards.
  • Successful implementation of the "Safer School" programme for secondary schools.
  • Follow-up sessions with post-tsunami children from Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Muda in Kedah.
  • Initiated the first ever national Play Therapy Workshop in Malaysia, opening an opportunity for those in Malaysia that work with children to learn the specialised approaches of play therapy.
  • Requested by the Public Health Division of the Ministry of Health Malaysia, headed by the Prime Minister's Division to participate in a technical committee to draft the National Plan of Action on Child Abuse.
  • Invited to a national multi-agency dialogue with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to discuss and provide feedback on "Draft Amendments to the Akta Taman Asuhan Kanak-Kanak 1984 and Akta Pusat Jagaan 1993".
  • Contributed amendments towards the age definition of a child witness and highlighted concerns in the gaps over the clause for the disabled, which were noted by the AG Chambers for consideration as an extension in a separate Bill for the Disabled.
  • Assisted children to court in child abuse cases. Of note, is the case of a hearing impaired child in Sabah which was assisted by MCPCSA coalition member, Majudiri Y - Deaf Teens Club. 4 trips to Sabah were made to support the child, which culminated in the conviction of the perpetrator.
  • Promoted the use of Play Therapy for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, P.S. The Children continued to make available, in May and November 2007, workshops towards the certification of Play Therapists. The first of such workshops was initiated on a nationwide basis in November 2006.
  • Piloted a primary school Personal Safety Curriculum titled, Keeping ME Safe. This was specifically developed as an initiative with the cooperation of the Malaysian Ministry of Education and State Education Departments of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. The curriculum focuses on teaching a target group of 9-year-olds in mainstream government and private schools. This programme shall continue into 2008.
  • Re-aligned P.S. The Children's personal safety programs into Keeping Me Safe for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary.
  • Refined and piloted Keeping Me Safe (Primary) in 6 Primary public schools in the Klang valley.
  • Introduced a comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation component to the Keeping Me Safe program. This includes both quantitative and qualitative instruments. Dignity & Services Bhd as well as University of Malaysia was a partner in developing and assessing the instruments.
  • Moved office premise to No 5, Jalan Section 7/14, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Further refined and expanded the Keeping Me Safe (Primary) curriculum based on the output from the Monitoring & Evaluation of 2008.
  • Facilitated Keeping Me Safe (Primary) 6 Primary public schools in Kuala Lumpur.
    • Conducted a 6-day training workshop for administration personnel from 12 Primary public schools in the Klang valley on implementing a child protection mechanism in the school setting.
  • Conducted Keeping Me Safe Program in Special Education Schools (Hearing Impaired) for 99 teenagers.
  • Organized a 3-day training workshop in collaboration with The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, ECPAT International and Rumah NurSalam to heighten awareness of child trafficking for sexual purposes.
  • Strengthened our partnership with Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional by training 100 preschool teachers to deliver the Keeping Me Safe (Preschool) curriculum.
  • Delivered training to women leaders from the Burmese refugee community in Kuala Lumpur to form a child protection team.
  • Initiated a working relationship with Sime Darby Berhad to custom design a corporate Child Protection Policy for the company. We made presentations to senior management to ensure their understanding of the principles behind the Child Protection Policy as well as delivered training on understanding child rights, child protection and child sexual abuse to various division leaders from corporate communications, TQEM (implementation), procurement, legal, human resources and plantations.
  • Invited to contribute to the National Child Policy, National Plan of Action for Children as well as the National Child Protection Policy (P.S. The Children's own Child Protection Policy is given as the template for this policy).
  • Initiated, with other NGOs, a Malaysian coalition to compile the Alternative Report to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child committee that is due in 2013.
  • Played an integral role in the formalization of the South East Asia Child Rights Coalition. We contributed to the writing and dissemination of its position papers, to the strategic planning involving regional child rights organizations and with specific advocacy within the ASEAN human rights mechanisms including the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) and the ASEAN Commission for the promotion and protection of the rights of Women and Children (ACWC).
  • Trained and supported selected teachers from 8 Primary schools in Kuala Lumpur to conduct the Keeping Me Safe Personal Safety Program.
  • Trained all primary school principals in Kuala Lumpur on the child protection protocol. This protocol was specifically designed by P.S. The Children for use in school settings. This landmark training contributed to creating safer schools where trained personnel can respond to any child's disclosure of abuse in an appropriate manner.
  • Delivered the Keeping Me Safe (Primary and Secondary) personal safety program to children in 9 Shelter Homes.
  • Adapted the Keeping Me Safe (Primary) curriculum for Burmese refugee children.
  • Commenced production of a 55-minute information video specific to the local Malaysian context to be used to educate the public on prevention of child sexual abuse.
  • Developed and piloted a 50-hour program for teenagers in alternative care institutions to equip them with knowledge and skills to navigate the transition to adulthood with emphasis on protecting themselves from unhealthy or abusive relationships. This program is called Jom Kita SHIFT.
  • Developed and piloted a 30-hour program for Care providers in alternative care institutions to equip them with knowledge and skills to assist them in supporting and nurturing the teenagers' resiliency. This program is called Jom SHIFT.
  • Recruited and accompanied the Malaysian youth delegation for the "Making our ASEAN Meaningful for Children and Young People" workshop organized by the Southeast Asia Child Rights Coalition held in Manila, Philippines.
  • Worked together with Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (MWFCD), the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia and the Ministry of Education in committees focusing on issues including baby abandonment and sex education in schools.
  • Trained and supported selected teachers from 9 Primary schools in Kuala Lumpur to conduct the Keeping Me Safe Personal Safety Program.
  • Finalized production of SAFE Children educational video, available in 4 languages: English, BM, Mandarin and Tamil. This DVD forms part of the SAFE Children Toolkit.
  • Reached out to various government run alternative care institutions with the Jom SHIFT and Jom Kita SHIFT programs.
  • Was the child rights representation at the Informal High-level Meeting between the ASEAN Secretary General and Representatives of Civil Society Organizations of the ASEAN Region in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Participated in the Regional Workshop on engaging with the UN Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) / Regional Roundtable Discussion on the Optional Protocol to the UN CRC on a Communications Procedure in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Presented a paper on Gender-Based Violence Against Children at the Indonesian Representative to ACWC's Consultative Meeting with Experts on Combating All Forms Violence against Children in Bali, Indonesia.