We Envision a world that upholds the rights and dignity of every child where every child is protected from sexual abuse and exploitation.
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To protect our children, we must first know how

It is up to the adults as protectors to create a safe environment for our children.

Children cannot be expected to take full responsibility when it comes to protecting themselves. Protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation is an adult responsibility. A responsibility often overlooked because of ignorance, denial or carelessness.

P.S. The Children believes that creating awareness of child sexual abuse amongst adults is the first step towards a community free of sexual violence, for only with knowledge can the barriers of denial and neglect be overcome. Educating adults is thus our first objective in order to create a community that is increasingly aware of their responsibility and actions to protect children from sexual abuse.

Our Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training offers training and consultation on prevention of child sexual abuse to professionals and community organisations. This training helps people to understand the dynamics of child sexual abuse, notice the signs, carry out appropriate response as well as learn ways of prevention.
Workshops for adults cover the following topics :
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Definition of Child Abuse
  • Characteristics of Child Sexual Abuse
  • The child sexual offender
  • Preconditions of child sexual abuse
  • Effects of child sexual abuse
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Handling Disclosure
  • Responding to abuse
  • Reporting procedures and the law
We have reached out to over 19287 adults across 10 states and 2 Federal Territories nationwide through our talks and workshops.