We Envision a world that upholds the rights and dignity of every child where every child is protected from sexual abuse and exploitation.
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PS the Children offers therapy for children who are survivors of sexual abuse. The type of therapy which is provided is play therapy. There are two play therapy rooms for the therapy sessions.

Just as it suggests, play therapy is using the medium of play - via objects/toys, sand tray, art work, puppets, musical instruments where the child can explore and express their emotions. The therapist uses these methods to intervene and to help the child in the process of healing with various emotional and trauma caused due to sexual abuse.

In the cases of child sexual abuse, therapy is a crucial part to recovery without which most children demonstrate behavioral problems, overly sexualized behaviors or in extreme cases complete rejection of their own sexual identity. It is also documented that most sexual abusers have themselves been sexually abused in the past. Sexual abuse is usually a pattern which needs to be broken through the intervention by therapy.

PS the Children also provide support for the parents/guardians and care takers in terms of counseling/therapy to help them cope with the sexual abuse and exploitation of the child/children. It is important that the guardian/parent of the child have appropriate knowledge and practical skills to render some emotional support in order for them to be able to face the trauma of having found out that the child in their care was abused. Especially in most cases of sexual abuse the abuser is usually well known to the child e and had gained the trust of the child and in many cases the abuser is none other than family members too.

PS The Children ensures professional confidentiality depending on the sensitivity of the cases as well as taking into consideration sensitive nature of children. There is restricted access to these children in the organization based on the Child Protection Policy of the organization. The therapist/counselor who conducts the therapy sessions is professionally qualified and is experienced in the treatment of child sexual abuse and other mental health issues.

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