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About us

About us

In a move towards a world that upholds the rights and dignity of every child, P.S. The Children's vision is to build safer communities where children are protected from sexual abuse and exploitation. P.S. The Children aims to achieve this by advocating and establishing effective prevention education for both adults and children, strengthening treatment and support services, while forging synergistic partnerships within communities.

It is the only social organization in Malaysia that focuses solely on the prevention, intervention and treatment of Child Sexual Abuse.

Our Vision

To develop P.S. The Children into a renowned organization that can provide a complete child protection ecosystem to combat CSA at a national, regional and international level.

Our Mission

P.S. The Children is committed to undertake the following as its mission:
  1. To develop awareness of CSA among children, adults, authorities and the public
  2. To provide education and training to as many children and adults to prevent CSA
  3. To provide intervention and support in cases of CSA
  4. To initiate and provide treatment for survivors of CSA, young sex offenders and their families.
  5. To advocate for policy and legislative changes.

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